OSMIUM-The precious metal of superlatives

OSMIUM-The precious metal of superlatives

Since a short time it is possible Osmium also for jewelry, such as to use e.g rings.

Osmium is the rarest metal in the world - which material would be more suitable for a very special wedding ring as osmium?

But it still has a number of other fantastic properties:

It´s melting point is much higher than that of platinum
Each year, worldwide, only 70kg traded!
It has the highest density of all known elements.
The overall incidence is not more than a cube with side length of 2,1m ( Gold: 24m alone for so far is Gold)
Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance of all metals. It is virtually worn on the finger, the most durable nail file of the world.
The price trend breaks all records and there is no end in sight

Osmium was discovered in 1904. But the real sensation occurred only in mid-2013, as for the first time succeeded in the crystallization of this unique metal. The result is astounding the world's jewelery industry. With a beautiful blue-and-white splendor unfolds crystalline osmium an almost magical aura. The osmium-ring is made of one piece. How it is now grown it can also be worn later on your finger and each piece is absolutely unique. He has grown from a single crystal. The crystal structure allows the unambiguous recognition of each ring. An osmium-ring is both a jewelry as well as a good investment.



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OSMIUM-The precious metal of superlatives