Crystalline osmium as an investment

Crystalline osmium as an investment

Market observers expect in the coming years, an unprecedented increase in value. The for-profit world collectors crystalline osmium treated as secret.

The explanation: Declines in production and an incredibly rare occurrence in the earth's crust as demand increases. The annual production of about 70 kg fits into a 3 liter bottle of Coke! Osmium is also absolutely tamper-proof, because no material has a higher density, any falsification would be noticed by a simple test of the density.

How to buy it are usually called Cristal bars (crystalline ingot) to 1 gram as flat bars (see picture below) or 2 or 5 grams as billets (ring; see large picture above).

Billets are in a standard size or on request in individual sizes acquirable. From these billets, rings can be cut directly.

The exceptional value density is an investment principle that can be worn as a ring.

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Crystalline osmium as an investment